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Directed by Phil Hopper – Produced by Andrew Tilson

The Road Home is a powerful story of the human cost of war and the redemption that is possible after one of life’s most terrible setbacks. This inspiring documentary follows a small group of America’s newest war heroes on their incredible road to rehabilitation after suffering debilitating amputation injuries in the line of duty. In their own words, this character driven story offers a different vantage point than anything released so far and will bring you deep within the daily lives of these selfless men and women over a two-year period. With the help and guidance of the NYC based Achilles Track Club, dedicated to helping disabled athletes return to more fulfilling lives through running, the brave survivors face their new lives head-on as they come to realize the full meaning of service to their country.

In light of the scandals over conditions and care for these returning veterans, this is an important story about our national commitment to those who do hear the call to duty. From Walter Reed Medical Center to their first training run on hand-crank wheelchairs, to participating in the New York City Marathon with the Achilles Track Club, this film documents their real-life struggle to find The Road Home. Phil Hopper and Andrew Tilson did post-production on their feature documentary at DCTV between 2009 and 2010. The same Edit Suite was used earlier as DCTV’s Jon Alpert crafted the award-winning documentary Baghdad ER.

The Road Home picks up where Jon’s Baghdad ER and Alive Day left off - with a positive story about the long and challenging journey to rehabilitation for American war-wounded back in the United States. The Road Home documents an aspect of war both heart-breaking and inspiring - and creates a dialogue about war that reaches across so-called “Red-State/Blue-State” lines.

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